Frogs in your pool?

Frogs typically do not like swimming pool water, however they don't know they don't like that beautiful lagoon in your backyard until they are already in.

To keep frogs out of your pool, you can try an create a barrier they do not want to cross. This can be done using a physical barrier, generally over 20cm high or a salt barrier. A salt barrier can be done by mixing salt and water (1 part salt to 9 parts water) and pouring it gently around the pool. When the water evaporated there will be a light amount of salt left, which is uncomfortable on their feet. Note: Please avoid this around your garden area, as it may damage your plants.

Around the garden you could try using a fertiliser that contains Ammonia Sulphate or removing greener that frogs may like to hide in around the pool.

In summary, pool water isn't ideal for frogs as their skin is permeable and the chemicals in your pool may harm them. So if you are a lover of frogs, why not set up a small pond or some lush greenery for them in another area of your garden for them to ‘hop' free.