With a pool heater, you won't have to wait around for swimming season to come around, because you'll be able to enjoy your swimming pool all year. Even in the coldest months you can maintain the optimum water temperature, so your family can enjoy a warm, enticing pool at all times.

The best part about owning a pool heater is that you can adjust the temperature of your swimming pool on-demand to ensure that your swimming routine is never interrupted. Regardless of the weather, your swimming pool with be nothing short of inviting and you'll be able to dive right in.

From solar heaters to heat pumps, Ridd's Aqua's range of pool heaters and Heat Pumps are designed to suit a variety of pool sizes and climate conditions, so you can select one to suit your individual requirements. Once you have considered both factors, you can decide what size and model of pool heater will cater to your heating needs. A gas heater is ideal for those who like to use their pool or spa sporadically throughout the year and wish to heat it quickly, whereas the heat pump works much like a reverse cycle air conditioner – extracting ambient heat from the air - and uses less energy to run.

Each pool heater within the range is energy efficient and will heat your pool quickly and evenly. No matter what your budget, you can rest assured that you will save on energy bills with these cost-effective pool heaters - without ever having to compromise on performance.