Ridd's Aqua Pool Nets
Peace of mind

Ridd's aqua's pool safety nets specialise in child and pet swimming pool safety and drowning prevention.

Many homes do not rely on gates and pool fences to protect their child and pets from entering the pool are unsupervised and possibly drowning. There is one way to have excellent control and it is to have the ultimate control over access to the pool, spa or any aquatic feature such as a koi pond, the pool net. Pool nets are custom fitted to your swimming pool and can be shaped as required to fit around rocks, waterfalls and other obstructions.

Pool nets have been installed in hundreds of thousands of pools world-wide with a perfect success rate.

Children use initiative to get to where they want to go and most kids can break into a pool enclosure in less than 30 seconds, so fences and gates don't always prove to reliable! It simply is not possible to supervise children every moment of the day! So a pool net is a good reliable option.

Looks Great
Pool nets do not detract from the look of your pool and does not interfere with automatic pool cleaners. It can be fitted to in-ground pools or even in conjunction with a solar blanket or a leaf cover..

Fits Perfectly
A Pool Safety Net fits neatly and seamlessly around ladders, rocks and other obstructions. Importantly, there won't be any gaps in the net which could create a potential hazard.

Easy on and off
The Pool Safety Net is extremely light weight and can be fitted or removedin a few minutes.


Installation of the net is a specialist task that will normally take our technicians a few hours to complete. Pool Safety Net technicians take pride in their workmanship.