Swimming Pool Pumps are an essential component of every swimming pool installation or pool maintenance program, with this in mind we have selected the best swimming pool pumps with reliability, performance and cost in mind.

Your swimming pool pump is responsible for circulating your pool water, ensuring that your water treatment chemicals are evenly distributed preventing stagnation. The most important thing to consider when purchasing your swimming pool pump is that the pump is capable of circulating your entire pool volume in eight hours, as such there are calculations that you need to consider before purchasing your pool pump. If you are at all unsure of how do to these calculation please contact Ridds Aqua Centre and we will be happy to work out which swimming pool pump will be required.

Our selection of swimming pool pumps supplied are designed for most domestic or semi-commercial swimming pool filtration applications. All our pool pumps supplied are high performance focussed and the manufacturers used premium grade materials to ensure quality and a long service life.