Spoil yourself with a Pool and Spa Heat Pump!

Always wanted to throw that amazing pool party for your family and friends?

A heat pump, that is used to heat up a spa or swimming pool, can save you a lot of money because it uses heat energy from a renewable source. In the long run this will save you thousands in your monthly utility bill and you can be sure that you have a fully heated pool to swim in all year round.

Explore the comfort of having a heated pool all year round.


Many satisfied customers. What separates us is that our heat pumps go up to 40 degrees Celsius. Rain, hail, wind, shine or mist, it is designed to work in all weather conditions. You don't need to worry about your pool cooling down in overcast miserable weather. Our heat pumps still perform at sub zero degrees Celsius whereas most heat pumps shut down at circa six degrees Celsius

Reap the benefits of savings

Usually heating a pool or spa 24/7 can get expensive due to the fact that they are element based but by using a Firefly heat pump you will reduce your monthly water heating costs by up to 80%! Most people leave their spa's unused due to the electricity costs on running them. With our heat pump you will get the desired temperature at affordable costs to support your luxury product. We cater for commercial, domestic swimming pools, as well as spa heating.


Firefly Heat Pumps have possibly the highest co-efficiency or performance (COP) of above 5.0, meaning that for every 1Kw electricity input, the pool will receive 5Kw worth of efficient heating power.


Firefly Heat Pumps offers you complete peace of mind as we are CE certified, CB certified, CCC certified and our heat pumps are assembled in a state of the art ISO9001 credited factory.


We offer the highest warranty on the market of up to five years, subject to your service plan. We even offer you a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger.

Our range of FFD models:

Firefly's heat pumps offers two casings of the highest quality:

Hot galvanized steel that is powder coated with electrophoresis which is treated in advance, Firefly can make thicker casings which is much better for anti-rust and is scratch-proof.

The stainless steel casing is the best option for near the seaside with salty air or a climate with heavy humidity.


Pool Pumps

Everything is becoming more efficient, your Car, lighting solutions and now the Pool pump.

Kreepy Krauly's Freeflo pump can save you up to 57% of your pool's energy bill. By being more efficient, it is now possible to use a smaller motor to move more water than your conventional pump.

At our current electricity cost, the Freeflo pump will pay for itself in as little as 8 months!


Chemicals specifically designed for Africa's harsh environment.

We offer the full range of pool chemicals to keep your pool sparkling and inviting

Our competent and well trained staff will chemically analyze your pool water and assist you with all chemical related pool problems

Pool Cleaners

The original Kreepy Krauly was invented here in South Africa, since then, we have lead the world in suction automatic pool cleaners.

At Ridd's Aqua Centre you will find full range of cleaners of all makes and models to suit your pool and your budget

Salt Chlorinators and Automation

A pool is a leisure product, as such it should not be a hassle to maintain. We have a full range of automation solutions to make your pool a snap to maintain.

From Salt chlorination to pH controllers to full home automation integrated solutions.


We love the outdoors in South Africa! A well lit pools cape will only add to the atmosphere of a summer braai.

The Pentair Intellibrite is the worlds best pool light, with an endless amount of programs and colours available, set the mood of your entertainment area at the touch of a button!

We also stock a range of moderately priced pool lights to fit any pool or pocket.

Nets and covers

Your children's safety is our priority. We manufacture and install pool safety nets to any pool or pond.