Spa Water Heat Pumps

A Heat Pump can turn your backyard pool oasis into resort style living all year round. Get the most out of your back yard investment by keeping it warm and open for longer. The units are built to perform in many South African climates and conditions. They are of the highest quality, which is reflective of their high efficiency and ability to maintain strong outputs, even in colder climates.

Ideal for:

Whilst a conventional spa heater turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 1 kilowatt of heat, the Hybrid Heat Pump turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 5 kilowatts of heat, giving you up to 4 kilowatts of heat for FREE!

How is it fitted to the spa?

The heat pump system is a standalone unit that is plumbed into the spas plumbing upon installation. The heat pump system has sensors that sense the temperature of the water giving you a seamless, low effort operation, whilst significantly reducing your running costs.

The heat pump can be positioned to suit your location but must be installed with a few metres of the spa on a solid, level surface. .